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Franklin Templeton


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The Tokenized Asset Development Department is a nimble team of highly experienced and skilled developers researching and building the future of the asset management industry and capital market structures. We are looking for talented developers and thinkers to join us in building an entirely new platform that will dramatically expand the concept of investing and asset management as it relates to the entire Digital Asset domain. Prior experience or domain knowledge of the financial industry and current practical knowledge of the public blockchain ecosystem is a bonus.


If you consider yourself a talented software developer who has practical experience with any combination of the following technologies, practices, concepts, and domains, we want to talk to you: • Front-end frameworks such as Flutter and React • Mobile app development for large scale public releases • Microservice software architectures • Dart, Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Rust, TEAL, Solidity, Go, Spring, R, SQL, YAML/XML/JSON • Azure PaaS services such as Cosmos, Service Bus, Functions, and SQL Server; along with their AWS counterparts, NoSQL data stores, RabbitMQ, AMQP, or Kafka • Orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes, Zookeeper, Zuul, and Eureka • Application diagnostics and dashboard tooling such as Zipkin, Splunk, Kibana, Grafana • ALM and DevOps tooling such as Helm Charts, and the Atlassian suite • Practical familiarity with public blockchain protocols and their associated APIs such as Algorand, Tendermint, Stellar, Ethereum, Solana, and/or others • Public API management, versioning, and governance • Network system diagnostics and benchmark tooling such as Wireshark and k6 • Ability to provide technical leadership and coaching to team members on topics of individual expertise, as well as actively brainstorming solutions to complex software development problems • A willingness and comfort to offer, receive, and consider software designs and ideas with a critical eye for scalability, reliability, and performance considerations, in an open and intellectually honest manner • Interaction with key partners and internal stakeholders regarding practical timelines, technical issues, and infrastructure integration • Ability and comfort working with data of widely varying degrees of complexity and scale • As new technologies emerge and impact existing designs and implementations, demonstrate an ability to learn these technologies quickly, identify and evangelize opportunities for use and if necessary, resolve integration and adaptation challenges • Work in a complex, dynamic team environment with minimal supervision while possessing good organizational skills • The realities of mission critical production support and monitoring • Technical writing and drawing for the documentation of knowledge and coding activities throughout the application development lifecycle Ability to design and execute unit, integration, profiling, and e2e testing procedures, experience with contract testing using frameworks such as Pact is a plusMultiple years of professional software engineering experience on mission critical systems

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